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See how some of our babies have grown & settled in with their new families! Read others' stories on our Feedback page!



Our family has been breeding chows for many years now, but just recently we decided to step up and take our place in the family business while my parents took some well deserved time to travel.

For Jenn, growing up around these beautiful dogs has not just been an honour but a lifelong education in whelping and raising happy healthy dogs. 


Jeff and I met 11 years ago and with our daughters in tow we built a home here in Thunder Bay until in 2012, we moved to Winnipeg for a job promotion. 

A few years later my parents started talking about wanting to take some time for themselves to travel and asked if we would consider taking over the family business. Of course we jumped at the chance and bided our time until we could arrange a move back! 

We arrived home and moved out to the house in Dorion and have just fallen in love with the beautiful property and quiet country life.

We have officially had our first two litters of pups now and what an amazing time its been! We can't wait to welcome more new Bearcrest babies in the coming years! 

If you'd like to know more about the origins of Bearcrest see Our Beginnings page! 

If you haven't please visit our Facebook! You can meet our past puppy parents and we love to interact with everyone on the page! 

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We live in a big country home located in the beautiful community of Dorion, Ontario on 76 acres of land.

We don't believe in kenneling long term and so our Chows have over an acre of fenced property to roam daily.

Our land also has lots of hiking trails for walking and even a pond for cooling off in the summers.

It is truly our own little paw-a-dise!

Our chows love to laze around under the shady, covered veranda and we make time to spend with them daily.

They absolutely adore coming inside in the evenings to join us in the living room and snore through whatever we're watching.

As for our pups, they stay inside with us until they are 5-6 weeks of age, then are moved to a heated/cooled attached garage with a large area for them to play outside in the daytime. They are purposefully exposed to common household noises and played with and cuddled daily, ensuring each pup comes to you well-socialized. 

The true mark of a Bearcrest chow!

Surrounding our pups with love, home and family; we hope to produce beautiful, well-adjusted, healthy puppies for fellow Chow lovers to enjoy for years to come.


We have moved, but not far!

We are now located in the small community of Dorion, just 45 min. east of Thunder Bay, Ontario.

E: bearcrestchows@gmail.com

T: 204 430 7257

** We pride ourselves on quick response time so we can't wait to hear from you! :)

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